Personnel Qualifications to Operate a Post-Secondary-School: GNPEC

Qualifications to operate as school, as dictated by GNPEC are fairly stringent, and for a non-degree granting institution, according to minimum standard 1.6: The certificate-granting institution has designated a director who: is responsible for the administration of the institution and has sufficient education and experience including at least two of the following qualifications that can […]

GNPEC to Vote on New Fines for Certain Illegal Activities

So… GNPEC is finally doing what they were authorized to do as far back as 2010 Georgia Code TITLE 20 – EDUCATION CHAPTER 3 – POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION ARTICLE 7 – SCHOLARSHIPS, LOANS, AND GRANTS PART 1A – NONPUBLIC POSTSECONDARY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS § 20-3-250.21 – Fines for violations O.C.G.A. 20-3-250.21 (2010) 20-3-250.21. Fines for violations Any […]

Georgia for-profit schools enjoy lax policing

This is old news. From our standpoint, since this investigative report was issued by the AJC in 2014, many of the issues have been fixed, except for the lack of funding for more Regulatory Specialists to reduce the work load on the agency, and the time required for Authorization. The original article from 2014: Georgia […]

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