3-6 months for approval.

Why does it take 3-6 months for approval @GNPEC? Why, when I can submit an application for incorporation with the secretary of state, get a business license, and everything else in less than 48 hours? But it takes 3-6 months for GNPEC?

It is so obvious that this organization, authorized by the Georgia Congress and Governor as far back as 1990, is so under-funded that innovators are turning away, instead of progressing forward to create job creating schools to the public.  And everyone needs an education to do the job.

Not everyone is suitable for a college level education and as it stands, there is a glut of available talent, and looking to make inroads with less expensive ‘technical-education’ centers, offered by some really smart people.

Let’s give the GNPEC agency the funding and personnel support it deserves!  (GA Congress, we’re talking to YOU). The workload this agency has to deal with is horrendous!  Let’s look at it another way, suppose citizen X wants to start a school for automobile mechanics, and he has a fully outfitted shop, 30 years of experience, 5 mechanics working there and he wants to start a small school.

Seriously?  This is a state agency that needs more fiscal support from congress.  New direction is needed, and I hope that the latest executive director appointed by Governor Kemp, will pay attention to these  delays in having Initial Applications for Authorizations and New Program Applications escalated asap.

This is not a problem with the rank and file operators at GNPEC, including Deputy Director Laura Vieth, who is really good at doing her job, it is a fault with leadership that needs to secure funds for more personnel to administer the agency and serve the state’s citizens more efficiently.

Congress needs to take action. Yesterday. This has been going on for far too long.  The citizens are being denied technical education from prospective new institutions of learning just because it takes ‘months’.  The work overload at GNPEC must be relieved.

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