Are you having problems getting Authorized by GNPEC?

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen people having problems getting Authorized by GNPEC…

This is a long process, and your ducks must be in a row.  Common mistakes people make in their initial application for authorization…

  • Errors on the Financial Spreadsheet.  You must factor expenses and income for an entire year!
  • Not enough money in the bank.  Your bank account must have 3 months of expenses in the bank based on the Financial Spreadsheet.
  • Personnel Inventory. ANY PERSON, that will be interacting with students, or any person that will be talking with potential students (recruiter), MUST have an entry on the Personnel Inventory tab at Edvera.
  • Financial health.  Your projections in the spreadsheet, must show a level of financial success to ensure that the institution remains an ‘ongoing concern’.  (GNPEC considers this one of the most important issues in granting authorization).
  • Learning Resource System. This is extremely important, and you must be as detailed as possible.  This includes text books, computers, software, etc.
  • Curriculum. For Every Single New Program Application, you MUST HAVE a complete, documented, detailed and ready to go curriculum, and every document must be filed online at Edvera.  While you can’t upload videos and power point presentations, you must at least list the titles on the application, and have them ready to view during the site visit.

Important note. GNPEC cannot give you advice when it comes to becoming authorized, but what they will do is send you ‘directives’ – Basically statements telling you to correct specific items on your application in order to meet the ‘minimum standards’.

In the very end, once you are granted a site visit date – you absolutely MUST be ready to start teaching students THAT DAY.  That means you must have everything in place, in stock, and ready to go!  If you are not ready, then you will not receive Authorization from Gnpec.

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