Are you ready for Authorization? How about a simulated site visit first!

Becoming authorized by GNPEC can be a daunting, nerve-wracking, and arduous task.  Think about it, all of the preparation and work to get the green light to purchase your bonding, and obtaining a site visit date… It’s immense.  If you would like a free consultation – a simulated walk-through (site visit) to help you double check everything to ensure you’re ready, please contact us.

While the simulated site visit is free, depending upon your distance, a small travel charge may apply, (think gas money ok?).  We can also review your GNPEC Edvera application for you at no charge remotely, especially if you’re having issues getting things fixed in accordance with the minimum standards, based on feedback from your assigned Regulatory Specialist.

Regulatory specialists, while they are human, do not give advice – they give directives.  They are rarely if ever conversational.  Basically, like ‘State Law & Minimum Standards’ Robots.  It is not their fault!

Do not blame the person on the other end of the email chain because you don’t understand what they mean, and yet they cannot explain it the way you can understand it.

Why is this?

Legal Liability.  Plain and simple.  A Regulatory Specialist with GNPEC, giving ‘advice’ on how to proceed to comply with the minimum standards sets up a nasty precedent if he/she is inaccurate, misunderstood, or misconstrued.  This is especially precarious since most of the communications with GNPEC are done via email (or Edvera), and it becomes part of the official record!

This type of banter (advisory) has a circular habit of setting up unwanted precedents and could end up putting GNPEC personnel under the point of a legal gun from the public.  Lawsuits could ensue, personnel could end up getting fired, etc…

Our job on the other hand, IS advisory, because we are not tied to, nor affiliated with GNPEC.  We enjoy a little more freedom than the government personnel do.  We’re here to offer you a hand in becoming authorized, and give you the best advice possible on creating an application as well as a physical learning environment that will succeed!

Click here to call us now, or if you’re on a standard computer, call us any time 678-510-8994.

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