26 February

Financial Requirements Changes to Standard 8.

The commission did a great job with this, and it finally makes financial sense for educational institutions looking to achieve authorization to operate in the state of Georgia. Standard Eight: Financial Resources The following criteria are used by professional staff members and evaluation committees as indicators of compliance for the standard. The institution provides the […]

26 February

Radical Financial Requirements Changes – For the Good!

Today’s meeting at GNPEC headquarters was surprising, and very informative.  I was able to meet the newly appointed Executive Director, Kirk Shook, Deputy Director Laura Vieth, and Program Manager Adam Hawk.  All of the institutional representatives were given an info sheet that outlined recent changes approved by the commission, and there was one single item […]

22 February

GNPEC Authorization – Nursing and Medical Schools

If you want to start a medical technician, nursing assistant, ultrasound, patient care, ekg technician, medical billing and coding, or phlebotomy technician program, and don’t know where to start?   Contact us. You will need authorization from GNPEC, the Georgia NonPublic Educational Commission before you can do this. Contact us for a free phone consultation any […]

02 February

Kirk Shook Appointed as New Head of GNPEC

From the Union Recorder: Kirk Shook– Director, Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission Kirk Shook is a Georgia educator with over a decade of experience in the classroom. In 2014, he was chosen by the State Board of Education to work on the Statewide Social Studies Resource Committee, and in 2015 as a member of the […]

18 January

3-6 months for approval.

Why does it take 3-6 months for approval @GNPEC? Why, when I can submit an application for incorporation with the secretary of state, get a business license, and everything else in less than 48 hours? But it takes 3-6 months for GNPEC? It is so obvious that this organization, authorized by the Georgia Congress and […]

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