Re-authorization Should Be a Snap!

Once you’ve been authorized by GNPEC, you’ll have about 10 months of operation before your application for re-authorization is due.  So, it is imperative that you keep impeccable financial and student outcome records, as they are a key element in your success. How this works: What you must do in your Edvera account, is simply […]

Are you having problems getting Authorized by GNPEC?

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen people having problems getting Authorized by GNPEC… This is a long process, and your ducks must be in a row.  Common mistakes people make in their initial application for authorization… Errors on the Financial Spreadsheet.  You must factor expenses and income for an entire year! Not enough […]

GNPEC to Vote on New Fines for Certain Illegal Activities

So… GNPEC is finally doing what they were authorized to do as far back as 2010 Georgia Code TITLE 20 – EDUCATION CHAPTER 3 – POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION ARTICLE 7 – SCHOLARSHIPS, LOANS, AND GRANTS PART 1A – NONPUBLIC POSTSECONDARY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS § 20-3-250.21 – Fines for violations O.C.G.A. 20-3-250.21 (2010) 20-3-250.21. Fines for violations Any […]

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