How We Can Help, Step by Step

Grab some coffee, this is a step by step process that must be followed to the T, and you must be fully aware of each step and documentation required.  Many small scale schools  have navigated this process in Georgia through GNPEC, and are very successful!

We are consultants for educational institutions that need GNPEC Authorization to operate.  If you are planning on a new school that collects money from students to earn a certificate or diploma to help them further their career goals, then you need Authorization. A phone consultation is free.

The first thing that is created is the Institutional Proposal (item 1 below). After that email is received by GNPEC, and is deemed sufficient in content to move forward, you will be given a date and time for an online webinar. After the webinar, you will be given access to the Edvera system, which is where you submit all of your documentation for steps 2 through 5 below.

We can help you write, (or write for you):

1. Institutional Proposal (Submitted via email to GNPEC).

2. New Program Application (submitted via Edvera)

3. Initial Authorization Application and associated documents (Edvera):

  1. Entrance requirements description
  2. Entrance information provided to students
  3. Enrollment Agreement/Student Contract
  4. Educational goals for the institution
  5. Certificate or diploma example (with an embossed seal)
  6. Statement of business practices and advertising policies
  7. Description of facilities and equipment
  8. Description of placement services
  9. Current catalog or similar publication
  10. Complaint Procedure
  11. Refund Policy
  12. Description of Learning Resource System
  13. Organizational Chart
  14. Occupancy Certificate (scanned image or photo provided by you)

These are all parts of the Initial Authorization Application Exhibits. The Occupancy Certificate from the city or county where you plan to operate your school, which you must provide. If you plan to operate in an existing business, use that one.  You will also need to develop your full course curriculum, books you intend to use, videos, training modules, all of what goes into your ‘Learning Resource System’, and your ‘Course Catalog’.

You will also be required to set up a separate business entity and bank account that is completely separate from your existing business if there is one. GNPEC has no need to evaluate your existing business financials, just the ones for the new school. The business entity could be a new C, S or LLC type corporation (highly recommended).  Most business experts/cpa’s recommend a subchapter-S corporation for business operations like this.

4. Financial Requirements:

You will need to have enough unrestricted funds to operate your new school for at least 90 days. This used to be a full YEAR, however it was changed by GNPEC in February 2019.  Additionally, you are required to submit a current bank statement, (at least showing the front page with bank balance). Other than this, we can assist you with (or complete for you):

  1. Financial Statement (Microsoft XLS Spreadsheet)
  2. A bond qualifying letter from a bonding company
  3. The bonding forms

5. Faculty and Staff

This is basically a job application for every member of staff that will be working for your school. Filling out this ‘inventory’ of personnel will be your responsibility.  Required fields include, work & educational history.


Before all of these documents will be reviewed by GNPEC, you must submit a (program evaluation fee) $1000 check or money order to GNPEC. We recommend hand delivery (as soon as possible after being given access to your Edvera account) to their offices in Tucker.  It can take up to 5 days before this check will be cashed, and any delays in it being recorded as cashed can delay your application. We have ‘beat’ this part, having all documents uploaded before the check is cashed.

Once you’ve completed your documents via Edvera, a review of your full package will be performed by a regulatory specialist.  If the R/S needs you to make changes, you will receive an email indicating the discrepancies that need to be fixed.  We can advise you through this or complete the entire back and forth for you on your behalf.

At one point in this process, you will be asked to submit your Authorization fee (minimum $500, and the Tuition Guarantee Trust Fund (minimum $100).

If you’ve made it this far, then you will be asked to go ahead and apply for your bond, which must be signed and notarized with your signature, then sent to GNPEC.  Once you’ve completed this step, you should be scheduled for a site visit.

If you want us to handle the above process for you, it is imperative that constant communications be maintained with your consultant, as they will attempt to get your application approved as fast as possible, subject to the whims and availability of the Regulatory Specialists at GNPEC.  You will need to read and pay attention to the ‘Minimum Standards’ requirements at the GNPEC website. While we can complete most of this process for you, it is up to you to remain knowledgeable of ALL state requirements, on an ongoing basis.

The estimated average time given verbally by GNPEC, is 3-6 months, unless you’ve got your ducks in a row on the first time you submit your documents – it can be shorter! And that’s what we strive to do!

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