Personnel Qualifications to Operate a Post-Secondary-School: GNPEC

Qualifications to operate as school, as dictated by GNPEC are fairly stringent, and for a non-degree granting institution, according to minimum standard 1.6:

The certificate-granting institution has designated a director who:

  • is responsible for the administration of the institution and has sufficient education and experience including at least two of the following qualifications that can be documented:

o          an earned baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by an agency   recognized by the Secretary of the United States Department of Education (for an individual that has been educated outside the United States, additional documentation of education must be provided including evaluation by an approved credential evaluation service);

o          has at least two years of actual administrative or supervisory experience involving:

  • the development of a curriculum sufficient to prepare students for specific job entry levels;
  • the selection of an instructional staff competent in subject matter and teaching techniques to implement the curriculum;
  • at least two years of applied work experience involving the same responsibilities and training or education in educational administration and methods as well as sound business practices.

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