Re-authorization Should Be a Snap!

Once you’ve been authorized by GNPEC, you’ll have about 10 months of operation before your application for re-authorization is due.  So, it is imperative that you keep impeccable financial and student outcome records, as they are a key element in your success.

How this works:

What you must do in your Edvera account, is simply login, and go to your ‘Documents’ tab.

Then on the upper right side, there is a drop down selection that says ‘Start Document’, select that, then scroll down and select the ‘Renewal of Authorization’ option.

Once you do this, a Re-Authorization is prefilled based on your original authorization from GNPEC.  Note this is very similar to becoming Authorized, but with a lot less documentation.

As of this writing (April 2020), the documentation update consists of the following elements:

    1. Proof of Ownership.  If you have a partnership arrangement with other personnel or people that support your school, you will need to list those Institution Information Tab.  You will also be required to provide proof of ownership, (think tax documents/corporate registration info).
    2. Minimum Standards fillable PDF.  As the GNPEC Commission meets throughout the year, minor tweaks to the minimum standards can happen.  So uploading a previous year version may not be the right thing to do.  It will be there on the page in gray.
    3. Next is the Programs and Exhibits tab. This is where the mother-lode of work was done getting your schools legal act together originally. Fortunately, as an authorized school, only 9 items need to be uploaded here.  First and foremost, since you are probably not an accredited school, you will need to upload your current ‘Student Outcome Data’ report.  Now, if you submitted your report in September as required by commission rules/minimum standards, and your fiscal year ends on December 31st, you need to adjust your September report to reflect end of year student data.The other 8 items are very familiar to all of us.
      A. Enrollment Agreement/Student Contract
      B. Certificate or Diploma Example
      C. Current Catalog or Similar Publication
      D. Complaint Procedure
      E. Refund Policy
      F. Organizational Chart
      G. Description of Learning Resource System
      H. Description of Placement ServicesIf anything has changed with these 8 documents in the previous year, it must be updated to reflect the current time frame of your school moving forward.
    4. Faculty & Staff.  Whenever you need to add or subtract a member of your school that is involved with your students, you must submit the personnel inventory change PRIOR to them actually working in your institution. This section will be prefilled, and unless you need to add someone new now, there is nothing to do here.
    5. Records and Director’s agreements.  Simply review the current agreements presented, click on the check-boxes that say “I Agree”, and then click Save at the bottom. Nothing else to do.
    6. Fees/Bonding/Financials tab.  Whatever you do, do not use the previous years spreadsheet as a basis for your re-authorization. Download the CURRENT FORM from Edvera and complete it as instructed in the instructions.

At this point you will need to go ahead an renew your bond with your bonding institution for another year (if you only applied for one year of coverage previously). If this is the case, only upload your bond continuation letter.

Then, you’ll need to submit checks to GNPEC for your Re-Authorization fee, and the Tuition Guaranty Trust Fund.  This should be automatically calculated for you in Edvera.  As of this writing, they have an online payment entity, and we have attempted to use it but it does not work (April 2020).

Once you click on SUBMIT for your Re-Authorization, and all fields are complete, email your regulatory specialist and let him/her know that you’ve submitted it.

One thing to remember, is that these Regulatory Specialists are SHARP and pay serious attention to detail.  Things you think may be no big deal, as they are heavily tasked to ensure that your institution fully complies with state law and commission rules.

Happy teaching!








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